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Region Team Name # Players Venue Date Score
Grand StrandCOACH G8Grumpy Monk - NMB09/28/20230
Grand StrandBEER PRESSURE4Grumpy Monk - NMB09/28/2023125
Grand StrandMOONDOG & LUNA9Grumpy Monk - NMB09/28/20230
Grand StrandBOOGIE WALK4Grumpy Monk - NMB09/28/202390
Grand StrandBIGBLU4Grumpy Monk - NMB09/28/20230
Grand StrandSEA CASTLE5Grumpy Monk - NMB09/28/2023190
Grand StrandGIRLS WEEKEND2Grumpy Monk - NMB09/28/2023288
Grand StrandSUSPECT EXOBIOLOGY4Grumpy Monk - NMB09/28/2023250
Grand StrandKEEPING IT HEEL2Grumpy Monk - NMB09/28/2023270
Grand StrandECU PIRATE4Grumpy Monk - NMB09/28/2023470
Grand StrandWE AINT RIGHT6Grumpy Monk - NMB09/28/20230
Grand StrandSHRECK7Grumpy Monk - NMB09/28/2023120
Grand StrandJAMES0Grumpy Monk - NMB09/28/202381
Grand StrandDAWN PATROL0Grumpy Monk - NMB09/28/2023125
Grand StrandLUCKY STRIKES4Grumpy Monk - NMB09/28/202380
Grand StrandHERBS LOOSERS0Grumpy Monk - NMB09/28/2023280
Grand StrandWildman1Harry The Hats09/27/2023165
Grand StrandB Team7Harry The Hats09/27/2023240
Grand StrandPull My Finger6Harry The Hats09/27/2023360
Grand StrandSenior Moments4Harry The Hats09/27/2023105
Grand StrandTRANSPLANTS3Harry The Hats09/27/2023260
Grand StrandYINZERS3Harry The Hats09/27/20230
Grand StrandJ + J SNAKE FARM2Harry The Hats09/27/2023140
Grand StrandLOGGERHEAD6Harry The Hats09/27/2023125
Grand StrandLIED4Harry The Hats09/27/20230
Grand StrandOGC Peeps6Harry The Hats09/27/20230
Grand StrandWE DON'T CARE!4Harry The Hats09/27/20230
Grand StrandTCB INC.4Harry The Hats09/27/2023310
Grand StrandCAROIN2Harry The Hats09/27/2023100
Grand StrandSouthern Lites5Harry The Hats09/27/2023170
Grand StrandHot Damn Woo2Harry The Hats09/27/2023550
Grand StrandPalm Tree Life 6Harry The Hats09/27/2023275
Grand StrandBLONDIES4Anchor Cafe09/27/2023200
Grand StrandTRAMONTO TRAMPS5Anchor Cafe09/27/2023380
Grand StrandGAL PALS7Anchor Cafe09/27/20230
Grand StrandZACH'S FAVS3Anchor Cafe09/27/2023155
Grand StrandTEVAS TWIST2Anchor Cafe09/27/202395
Grand StrandMIGHT BE RIGHT1Anchor Cafe09/27/20231080
Grand StrandTEAM BD3Anchor Cafe09/27/2023370
Grand StrandSUE REDROTTI4Anchor Cafe09/27/2023170
Triangle3 Wheel Express3Overtime09/27/2023145
TriangleU Can't Dance3Overtime09/27/2023210
TrianglePW Hood8Overtime09/27/2023235
TriangleJust Us3Overtime09/27/2023300
Grand StrandNATTY LIGHTS4WILD WING CAFE09/27/20230
Grand StrandVILLAGE IDIOTS3WILD WING CAFE09/27/2023200
Grand StrandDOG PARK POSSE6WILD WING CAFE09/27/202340