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Region Team Name # Players Venue Date Score
Grand StrandHERE'S HOPING6810 Market Commons06/02/20200
Grand StrandMOJO KILLERZ4810 Market Commons06/02/2020350
Grand StrandVILLAGE IDIOTS16810 Market Commons06/02/2020650
Grand StrandEMMENS PLUS 24810 Market Commons06/02/2020630
Grand StrandJUST US4The Grumpy Monk - CF06/02/2020120
Grand StrandJB5The Grumpy Monk - CF06/02/2020480
Grand StrandQUIZZLY BEARS5The Grumpy Monk - CF06/02/2020540
Grand StrandLOKELS4The Grumpy Monk - CF06/02/20200
Grand StrandDEAD WEIGHT6The Grumpy Monk - CF06/02/202080
Grand StrandNOLA4The Grumpy Monk - CF06/02/2020320
Grand StrandRED SOX5The Grumpy Monk - CF06/02/2020880
Grand StrandLIVIN' THE DREAM5The Grumpy Monk - CF06/02/2020271
Grand StrandCOOL GIRLS3The Grumpy Monk - CF06/02/20200
Grand StrandVETTES R US 0DOESN'T MATTER06/01/2020160
Grand Strand2 B'S 0DOESN'T MATTER06/01/2020140
Grand StrandTHE MORONS8NEAL AND PAMS06/01/2020310
Grand Strand3 CHICKS4NEAL AND PAMS06/01/2020340
Grand StrandBURNSIE1NEAL AND PAMS06/01/20200
Grand StrandKITTY KAT1NEAL AND PAMS06/01/20200
Grand StrandBUNNY HOP1NEAL AND PAMS06/01/20200
Grand StrandMOLLY1NEAL AND PAMS06/01/20200
Grand StrandMEMOM1NEAL AND PAMS06/01/20200
Grand StrandWHOS YOUR DADDY3NEAL AND PAMS06/01/2020280
Grand StrandSSB5NEAL AND PAMS06/01/2020320
Grand StrandLARRY2NEAL AND PAMS06/01/2020230
Grand StrandTEAM TROESCH6NEAL AND PAMS06/01/2020120
Grand StrandKIWIS3High Tides Bar and Grill05/27/2020215
Grand StrandBOSTON STRONG4High Tides Bar and Grill05/27/2020130
Grand StrandCHEATERS2High Tides Bar and Grill05/27/20200
Grand StrandHYDE PARKERS2The Grumpy Monk - CF05/26/2020340
Grand StrandJB5The Grumpy Monk - CF05/26/2020480
Grand StrandLIVIN' THE DREAM8The Grumpy Monk - CF05/26/20201
Grand StrandGOLF BUDDIES4The Grumpy Monk - CF05/26/20200
Grand StrandMOJO KILLERZ4The Grumpy Monk - CF05/26/20200
Grand StrandRED SOX6The Grumpy Monk - CF05/26/2020230
Grand StrandCARTMAN5The Grumpy Monk - CF05/26/2020420
Grand StrandPATRIOTS3The Grumpy Monk - CF05/26/2020380
Grand StrandTAKING CARE OF QUIZZNESS4The Grumpy Monk - CF05/26/2020341
Grand StrandBARKY3The Grumpy Monk - CF05/26/2020200
Grand StrandCAMWON3The Grumpy Monk - CF05/26/2020190
Grand StrandOAKLEIGH3The Grumpy Monk - CF05/26/20200
Grand StrandWEST8The Grumpy Monk - CF05/26/2020420
Grand StrandTEAM WALKER4The Grumpy Monk - CF05/26/202020
Grand StrandBLONDIES3Sneaky Beagle05/21/2020100
Grand StrandTHE ESSENTIALS3Sneaky Beagle05/21/2020135
Grand StrandSTICU5Sneaky Beagle05/21/2020250
Grand StrandSWEET BABY JANE5Sneaky Beagle05/21/2020160
Grand StrandAMERICA3Sneaky Beagle05/21/202090
Grand StrandRED SOX6Sneaky Beagle05/21/2020320